Frequently Asked Questions

1. Technical

Q1.1: What are the requirements for the installation and operation of Affiliate Link Tracker?

A: Affiliate Link Tracker has been tested on servers featuring Apache versions 1 and 2, PHP 4 and 5, MySQL 4 and 5. Mod rewrite is required if you wish to use the optional URL rewriting feature.

2. Licensing

Q2.1: How many domains can Affiliate Link Tracker be installed on?

A: A single Affiliate Link Tracker licence permits installation onto a single domain name. To install onto multiple concurrent domains, additional licences must be purchased.

3. Support

Q3.1: How long will support and upgrades be provided?

A: Please see the individual terms of your licence purchased.

Q3.2: How is support provided?

A: Support is provided through an online ticketed support centre. There is also a knowledgebase available for customers to diagnose potential issues.

4. Miscellaneous

Q4.1: Do you have an affiliate scheme?

A: Existing customers may contact support for more information about the affiliate scheme.